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We’re more than dentists – we’re supportive, caring, and collaborative partners to growth.

At Areo Dental Group, we are caring, supportive dental professionals dedicated to helping your practice achieve its potential.

We’re an industry-leading dental support organization owned and operated by dentists. Guided by a highly experienced and qualified clinical advisory board, our collaborating dental practices see increased growth and provide outstanding patient care.

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Let Us Transform Your Practice

We are committed to supporting dental practices and improving the industry. Our dental community builds long-lasting relationships with both patients and dental professionals.

Areo Dental Group helps you provide exceptional patient experiences through same-day comprehensive dental care and patient education. We ensure you deliver the highest quality dental services with cutting-edge technology and practice management resources. Let us help your practice grow and thrive.

Collaborate With Us

We have the resources, industry connections, and experience to elevate the quality of care you provide to your patients. Some of the core values that drive our company include:

We are your partners, working closely with you to enhance your practice while ensuring you retain control of your business. We offer non-clinical business support so you can concentrate on providing patients with the best care possible.

With Areo, you can rely on us to help enhance your professional development. We are committed to putting our partner dental offices first and delivering results. We strive to create lasting, meaningful connections between dentists to grow your professional network.

We deliver world-class processes and systems to improve your practice’s efficiency and drive productivity. Areo Dental Group invests in state-of-the-art technology and equipment, so you stay on the cutting edge of the dental industry.

We act with honesty and integrity. Our transparent, diverse, inclusive mode of operation gives you peace of mind that you are making the right changes to grow your practice and improve your work environment.

We understand that success is achieved with teamwork. So we operate under the guidance of a clinical advisory board and have access to a wealth of professional industry connections to help make your vision for your practice a reality.

“Partnering with Areo has been a game-changer for me”

I love that they are dentist-led and that they hold the doctor-patient relationship sacred. I’m able to focus on delivering exceptional patient care and Areo takes care of the rest.

Full Name, DMD

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Dr. Brian Beaudreau

“Especially helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic”

While I still maintain a leadership role in the office, much of the daily stress is gone. Areo provides the resources necessary to keep the business running.

Full Name, DMD, MBA

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Dr. Kyle W. Hollis

“Their model is innovative and gives me independence”

Partnering with Areo Dental Group allows the opportunity to continue to be clinically independent but confident in knowing you have the support of a team.


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