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Dental Practice Support Chicago

As dedicated dental professionals, we strive to create meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our patients by providing compassionate, world-class dental care. As a premier dental support organization, our mission includes building practitioners’ professional knowledge and experience. We promote proactive partnerships with dentists, creating a sense of collaborative ownership and increasing practice efficiency to transform the dental industry.

Our vision is simple, yet profound

Each day, we aim to provide:

  1. Elevated patient care
  2. Enhanced administrative efficiency so dentists can focus on patients
  3. Long-lasting and mutually-beneficial partnerships through collaborative ownership
  4. Innovative technologies, business practices, and support structures to help practices expand and improve their financial wellbeing
  5. Expert guidance through advanced technology, ongoing professional development, and encouraging best administrative and clinical practices

Our Values


At Areo Dental Group, we understand that it takes teamwork to succeed in the healthcare industry. Our goal is to help you reach your potential by providing the resources, systems, and guidance to elevate your practice.

Dental Practice Support Chicago


Our processes and systems streamline administrative tasks, while our collaboration with industry professionals gives us access to the latest treatment technologies.

Dental Partnership Group Chicago


We encourage the dental professionals at our partner practices to continue their education. This allows dentists to provide personalized care. We also want to promote healthier work environments by removing the stress of administrative tasks so you can focus on better care.

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We spark growth by investing in key emerging technologies and equipment, encouraging ongoing learning, and maintaining a strong network of proven dental professionals.

Dental Practice Support near Chicago


We understand that growth takes hard work, and you can’t do it alone. We work under the guidance of a clinical advisory board to ensure that your facility meets industry best practices.

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