Dr. Abhishek Nagaraj

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Dr. Raj is an entrepreneur and full mouth rehabilitation and reconstructive dentist whose mission is to help dentists and their teams live a better life. His passion lies in helping and supporting dentists to be productive, autonomous, and successful by having them focus on their quality of work and life while empowering his teams to recruit, manage human resources and facilitate the growth of the dental practice by supporting the dentist. He envisions a world where dentists are in charge of their own destiny. Under his leadership and as the clinical director, the practices have grown exponentially, and the doctors are empowered to become clinical leaders.

Dr. Raj is also into fitness and has a passion for reading business and self-development books. He enjoys his time with his dog and loves to travel and hike mountains with close friends and family in his spare time. He credits his parents for their sacrifices for him to immigrate to America when he was 23. His partner in crime (business) is also his partner in life and his Co-CEO.